Stunning Antique 4 Horn 3 Basket Blown Glass Epergne Swirl Opalescent Yellow.

span aria label Antique Blown Glass Scrying Pendant by Amy Danielson 2 months ago 15 seconds 15 views Antique Blown Glass Scrying Pendant span

Stunning antique 4 horn 3 basket blown glass epergne swirl opalescent yellow the pattern is an optic twist in opalescent yellow / green color, gorgeous detail and ruffled edges. ONE OF THE HANGING BASKETS IS A REPLACEMENT AND WHILE IT IS CLOSE, IT IS NOT A MATCH YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE THAT IN THE PICTURE 11, ALSO NOTE THAT REPLACED HANGING BASKET HAS A SMALL LINE FRACTURE THAT RUNS ABOUT 1/2 FROM WHERE THE ARM THAT IT HANGS FROM WAS APPLIED, YOU CAN SEE THAT IN PICTURES 9 & 10 LOOK WITH CLOSE UP ZOOM.

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